Delhi is set to welcome world leaders to the G20 meeting from 9pm

G20 Summit 2023: Security fence will include thousands of people, including snipers. Indian Air Force jets will also be on standby. G20 summit: the entire New Delhi district from tomorrow will be considered a “controlled area”.

Months of preparation, enthusiasm and security measures are about to pay off as India prepares to host a major G20 summit in its capital this weekend. World leaders are also starting to arrive. Here are 10 takeaways from this evolving story:
With less than 12 hours left for the traffic restriction order to go into effect, Delhi Police are preparing for four busy days, even as most people living or working in New Delhi district are looking forward to the last day. The long week must come to an end. Heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles will not be allowed into Delhi between 9pm tonight and midnight Sunday. Similar restrictions will apply to taxis and cars from 5am on Saturday.

A notice published in the Government Gazette of Delhi said the entire area of ​​New Delhi district will be considered a “controlled area” from tomorrow morning until Sunday. Only genuine residents, authorized vehicles, and facilities associated with services such as housekeeping, catering, and waste management for hotels, hospitals, and other large county facilities are allowed to travel to India Gate, C-Hexagon and other similar areas. All cloud kitchens, businesses, markets, food delivery and commercial delivery will be closed tomorrow through Sunday. Deliveries of services like Swiggy , Zomato, Amazon, and Flipkart will not be allowed in the controlled area, but medicines and essential items will.

The arrival of world leaders begins on Tuesday, with the Nigerian delegation. Delegations from Mexico and the European Union are expected to arrive in New Delhi today, but the majority will take place tomorrow, including US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The G20 summit will be India’s first time hosting such a powerful group of world leaders, and the security team will include thousands of people, including snipers. Indian Air Force fighters will be on standby and the airspace over the country’s capital will be monitored for suspicious activity, including drones and aircraft Driverless.

Another level of security, though different, will be provided by langurs and fish that feed on mosquito larvae. Monkeys have become a threat in many parts of the city, including Delhi, Lutyens, and there have been several reports of animals attacking and biting people. To combat this, more than a dozen langur fragments have been strategically placed in the affected areas. About 40 people trained to imitate langur sounds to scare away monkeys will also be deployed. The Hindustan Times reports that eight teams equipped with insecticide sprayers are spraying potential mosquito breeding sites at the G20 site. An official said a series of larvae-eating mosquitoes were released before the conference in about 180 lakes and fountains.

The authorities have planted nearly 70,000 plants with flowers and leaves at various factories in Delhi. About 15,000 tons of solid waste has been disposed of and more than 100 sculptures and 150 fountains with different designs have been installed in different places to give the city aesthetic appeal.

Speaking to NDTV, G20 Special Secretary (Operations), Muktesh Pardeshi, said that as the host country, India has received many requests to hold bilateral meetings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host world leaders privately at Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan, the venue for Saturday’s summit.

Pardeshi said that digital experience zones are being created at Bharat Mandapam so that visiting leaders, delegates, ministers and media staff can understand India’s progress in the field of technology. digital. To ensure that members of the delegation can try out UPI, the Reserve Bank of India has set up special zones where they can do so without registering there.

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