Shah Rukh Khan fans held their breath. “I love you for loving Jawan”, he posted

“So overwhelmed will surely do the needful as soon as I get my breath back,” wrote Shah Rukh Khan in his tweet

Shah Rukh Khan fans held their breath. “I love you for loving Jawan”, he posted Shah Rukh Khan wrote in his tweet: “So overwhelmed, I will definitely do the necessary work as soon as I regain my breath. shah Rukh Khan fans held their breath. “I love you for loving Jawan”, he posted Jawan’s Shah Rukh Khan image. (Courtesy of Anirudh Ravichander)

New Delhi: Hey guys, the long awaited launch day of Jawan has finally arrived. Whether it’s pouring milk on a poster of Shah Rukh Khan or dancing in a theater, fans go wild with joy and excitement. Can we blame them? The reaction to the social media frenzy over the film was none other than King Khan. On Thursday, the Jawaan star took some time out of his busy day to thank fans, fan sites and moviegoers for giving Jawan so much love. In an adorable post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Shah Rukh Khan wrote, “Well, I have to take a moment and thank every fan club and all of you who came to the cinema a in a fun way and even… ‘outside. overwhelmed, you’ll certainly do what’s needed as soon as I get my breath back in a day or two. Phew!! I love you for loving Jawan.

The superstar started the morning by sharing a post about the movie’s release date, but here’s the bottom line: The caption is an edited version of the Bees Saal Baad song Beqarar Karke Humen. Inviting his fans to watch the film, he wrote, “Beqaraar ho gaye ab toh aa hi jaiye…ghar Waalon ko bhi saath laiye. Aap ko humaari kasam…. take a look (Also, bring your family). Get ready with our loving offer to all of you. Hope you all have fun! Watch Jawan in theaters now – in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Shah Rukh Khan revealed in an X post (formerly known as Twitter) that he stays awake to watch his fans arrive in theaters. The caption of the post shared by his fan club reads: “It’s 5:35am now and we’ve begun celebrating our historic 6:00am and the HUGE hysteria Its HUGE as a welcome to the KING on the big screen.” Shah Rukh reacted to the video early this morning and wrote: “I love boys and girls, hope you guys enjoy the entertainment. Was up to see you guys in theaters. Big love. and thank you.”

Jawan release live updates: After the blockbuster Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan is back with a bang with his second film of 2023 and the excitement around its release makes it clear that it’s going to make even bigger records at the box office. Directed by Atlee, the film boasts of a very impressive ensemble cast, complex plot, action, music and a cocktail of emotions. Anirudh Ravichander, who has given music for the film, started trending on X for the songs and soundtrack which got a thumbs up from the moviegoers. Deepika Padukone’s extended cameo is also being praised.

Nayanthara and Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Jawan.
Nayanthara and Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Jawan.

On Thursday, Jawan opened to houseful theatres and fan celebrations as moviegoers headed to catch the 6am shows. Looking at the excitement for the film, it’s not surprising that trade analysts and film industry insiders have predicted a 100 crore opening for Jawan. Not only this, it is set to break the record of Shah Rukh’s January blockbuster Pathaan. However, those who were waiting to watch Tiger 3 teaser with Jawan were in for a disappointment as it wasn’t attached with the film on Thursday.

This is Shah Rukh Khan’s first film with Nayanthara and stars Vijay Sethupathi as the lead antagonist. It is high on woman power with Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Riddhi Dogra, Girija Oak and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya also among the cast members.

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