If you travel while sick, you can get a discount on the train ticket!

In case of illness, train tickets are discounted. Kolkata: – When traveling on Indian Railways, the trains are equipped with a wide range of facilities. Many people use Indian railways every day. Each train has food and drink facilities. Trains like Bande India have all the latest equipment. However, it is not yet clear when older passengers will be able to receive ticket discounts. Seniors are not eligible for ticket discounts. But would you travel by train if you were sick? Byrne officials said the discount would depend on the extent of his illness. In this case, the illness should be reported to Indian Railways. A decision is then made. In some cases, train tickets can be discounted by up to 100%. Discounted tickets are provided for cancer patients and their attendants. 100% discount on sleeping and air conditioning on 3 floors. 50% discount on Fast AC and AC 2 levels, 75% discount on First AC Car, 1st and 2nd class tickets. Companion sleepers and AC-3 tires are also offered at a 75% discount on fares. Discounted fares apply if you need to travel somewhere by train for heart surgery or dialysis. Even if you travel by train for surgery or dialysis, the train will still give you a discount on your ticket. According to railway officials, 3-stage AC 2nd class, slicker class, 1st class carriages and AC chair carriages are exempt. Patients receive up to 75% off admission tickets. A 50% discount is also available for First AC and AC 2 tiers. Patients undergoing treatment for television sickness are also exempt. Companions are also entitled to this discount. Save up to 75% on Second, Spiller and 1st class train tickets. However, affected passengers must submit relevant documents to the railway company. The railway company can ask for a medical certificate or prescription. If necessary, a medical examination by a railway doctor is also available. Since Covid-19, Deutsche Bahn has offered ticket discounts for seniors. However, it is unclear when this discount will resume. However, Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaisnab provided important information in this regard.

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