A docu-series titled ‘AP Dhillon: First of a Kind’ based on the Punjabi rapper has been announced. It will premiere on August 18. Helmed by series director Jay Ahmed, the four-part docuseries delves into the life of Amritpal Singh Dhillon and tells the story of the self-made superstar known globally as AP Dhillon.

Through exclusive access, the series follows his remarkable journey from Gurdaspur, a small village in Punjab, to the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, where he has become a renowned global music sensation.

Through a combination of Dhillon’s personal accounts and interviews with his close-knit circle of family and friends, this series offers a genuine insight into Dhillon’s life, motivations, and journey, taking the viewers deep into Dhillon’s world, following him on a global expedition, both on and off the stage.

“Stories of triumph and success will always find resonance among viewers, and AP Dhillon’s journey to self-made superstardom is one that is intriguing and inspiring,” said Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals, Prime Video.

The docu-series is produced by PASSION Pictures in association with Wild Sheep Content and Run-Up Records.

“AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is the first ever docuseries to dive into the dynamic world of Punjabi hip-hop and explore the origins of one the most prominent faces of the musical zeitgeist we’re currently witnessing.”

“AP Dhillon is an icon of our times and a legend in the making. His is a story of grit and determination, friendship and brotherhood, and staying true to your own creative vision at any cost. It’s a story that will engage and inspire young and old alike,” said Amy Foster, executive producer, PASSION Pictures.

“AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is a unique series with unprecedented access that dives into the making of the music, the challenge of putting on a tour, and the heart of the man himself. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Prime Video and Wild Sheep Content to bring this truly global success story to viewers across the world.”

“The story and the trajectory of AP Dhillon’s success is nothing short of remarkable. He is an enigma and his music has struck a chord among audiences world over,” said Erik Barmack, executive producer, Wild Sheep Content.

“AP Dhillon and the entire team at Run-Up Records have redefined Punjabi music and put it on the global map like never before. AP Dhillon: First of a Kind traces this journey and gives the viewers a look into what goes behind the scenes. It has been an exciting ride and I am glad to have partnered with Prime Video for this